Alfred Workflow: FortiGuard Search

I recently found myself needing to look up the web filter category for an unknown domain. I typically refer to FortiGuard Labs, and in the process of looking up a domain today, I thought surely there was an easy way to initiate a lookup from Alfred.

Mac OS X 10.11.4 Breaks Some Cisco IPsec VPN Connections

The latest OS X update, 10.11.4, broke some VPN profiles, specifically certain Cisco IPsec profiles. When I first discovered the VPN client wouldn’t connect to a Cisco IPsec profile that was working just fine before the update, I first thought it may be a problem on the remote end, or even perhaps with my ISP. I tried a secondary VPN profile that’s L2TP over IPsec and had no issues.

Connecting to MySQL via SSL

I decided to make the move to MySQL over SSL when I moved to dedicated MySQL database servers rather than all-in-one web/database servers for the production websites and databases that I host with Digital Ocean. I wanted an extra layer of security since MySQL traffic would no longer be contained within localhost.

Owning Your Data

Until recently, I’ve never really considered the concept of “owning” my own data. Sure, I’ve always preferred a self-hosted product over a hosted product, but I attribute that to being a tinkerer.

New Site Design

I’m a web & software developer. I used to claim to be more of a designer, but over time I’ve realized that I truly prefer to work on features/functionality more than the design itself. I like making things work.